22nd April

Hello my name is Mab and I'm a Queen. I am also a 7 month old black and white kitten, but I'm speshal so there.

My person is busy this morning so I'm going to write the diary. 

Today I playded in the garden while my person had her morning cup of tea on the patio. I had a bit of it, I like tea. 
I caughted two flies and an ant and I shooded off a huge bee.... as big as a.... as a .... bee it was!
My person said I have to be careful cos I could get stungded, but bah what does she know?

I had a look in the pond to make sure all the goldy-coloured water mice (them fishy things) were there. I careful of the wet splashy water though cos I was pushed in last week and it was all horrid
I got cold and wet and I nearly drownded!

[note from Helen: no she didn't, her back half slipped in when she missed her footing when jumping across it. ]

I did too! and my person laughed which weren't nice were it? 'Specially as I'm a Queen!

I am now going to play in the garden again 'cos its a lovely sunny sunny day. Then I 'spect I'll snooze in the basket on my person's desk, then have my lunch, then another nap in the shade under the hazel tree where I can keep one eye on my other person's pigeons (he says they are racing pigeons but they don't seem to race about the garden much, they just strut & coo and peck at fings) and then I might play in the garden again before dinner time and then I will play with my persons because I need to keep them amused and then it will be bed time.

I'm so busy being a Queen!

love, meows & purrs
Mab (Queen)