20th April

still been very negligent of my diary - just not had the time. :-(

The weather is glorious - blue, blue sky, this time of the morning (approaching 11) it's nicely pleasant outside. I enjoyed breakfast on the patio - toast (with honey) and coffee, and to be honest I could easily sit there all day.
 Sigh. Too much work to do.

Mind you, I left the washing out on the line overnight - daughter's jeans & stuff - the jeans were very wet when I hung them out because I don't think the spinner is spinning, but the waistband, pockets etc were still damp this morning. I guess the temperature was cold overnight?
Which is what you would expect in April.

We had to water the garden last night, some things, especially in the pots,  were drooping. We'll be planting potatoes this weekend & must get some more lettuce seeds in the greenhouse. The runner beans are already planted out. Mab the kitten has dug up all the peas though!

The blossom on our sapling apple and pear trees is gorgeous and forget-me-nots are all over the show. They are supposed to be blue but one little clump is pink. I'll make sure I scatter those seeds carefully.

I found a speedwell in the garden yesterday as well.