19th January

Been too busy to update this these last few days - we've mostly had pouring rain though, so beyond a quick peak out the window I've not been interested in the weather.
Kitten has. She sits at the cat flap mewing that it's wet out there & doesn't want to get wet - take the nasty stuff away.
Then she scoots to my office window & peers forlornly out - totally perplexed that it's wet out here as well!


Today's another sad memory day. My Dad died of heart failure 19th January 1992. He was 74. My mum & I spent the night in the hospital from midnight, when we called an ambulance to 7 a.m. when he passed away - it was a long night.
We were with him when he died, but I remember him when we arrived at the hospital, as he was wheeled from the ambulance. He raised his hand & waved.

Oh dear I do miss my dad

*laugh* fine bloomin' weather diary this is turning out to be! :-/