13th January

Today Ron & I moved the wisteria over. Not the actual plant, just one of the wires it runs along.
I live in a downstairs maisonette you see, and the wire was too close to upstairs' back stairs. I had deliberately put the wisteria there to hide the darn things a bit. But "She" (upstairs neighbour) had moaned.
Wisteria does rather spread I suppose.

Anyway today being a fairly brightish / dullish but dry day, Ron & I got the ladders out & moved it over a bit.

We also moved the bird feeders so Mab Kitten wouldn't be able to reach when Kitten becomes Cat.
(except she decided to walk along the wisteria wire like a trapeze artist.)  I just know she is going to end up in the pond one day!

So job done.

Maybe this year the wretched thing will actually flower? ;-(