11th January

This time last year we still had snow, although it was starting to disappear. The roads were icy though.
I clearly remember because it was the day of my mum's funeral.

My sister had been anxious worrying about whether she could get to the church and was then worrying about getting to the crematorium.
I told her all that would be the undertaker's problem (and actually they assured me they had winter tyres fitted & had shovels, snow chains etc)

All went well. A bit surreal looking back.
My major upset? I have (had) a beautifully warm black part cashmere coat. Hadn't worn it for months.
Put it on about to leave for the funeral and it didn't fit. I'd put on far too much weight. So I had to hurriedly find another dark coat. Fortunately I have a woollen "Cardie-style" coat, so I wore that.

I'm still upset about that cashmere coat.