1st January 2011 - 1.1.11

The sky is a steel grey and it is a bit chilly, but....  the buds are on the apple tree, catkins are on the hazel, a blackbird is singing like he's auditioning for X factor  and the fish are all feeding.
Spring? On New Year's Day?


31st Decenber

A little wren sat on the tree outside my bedroom window this morning and sung his luittle heart out.
I hope he comes back tomorrow - whatalovely way to welcome in the New Year.
This afternoon, a blackbird was singing in the tree outside my office window. Lovely.


30th December

Not exactly raining, not exactly dry.
The river Lea is still frozen - I wouldn't trust walking out on it mind you!


29th December



28th December

Raining and miserable. Nothing much to add to that :-(


27th December

Bright sunshine here in London - but still cold and very icy out.
Deep snow in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia it seems....

I love Williamsburg been there twice and want to go again. Meanwhile I visit via webcam....

Merchants Square, Noon London Time, 7 a.m. local
The Magazine, Colonial Williamsburg - Dawn
 (noon London time)


26th December

Good Lady Helen last looked out
On the feast of Stephen
When the snow lay round about, slushy and uneven
Brightly shone the sun that day
but the wind was bitter
so she browsed on e-e-bay
and had a chat on Tw...i...tter