18th December

Dear Weather God.

I realise you are very busy at the moment powering up the wind machine, emptying buckets of snowflakes and running around making sure all temperature gauges are set to below zero - but do you think you could sort of forget to do too much for London at the moment?

Thank you for holding off yesterday while we moved the horses to their new stable yard, I appreciate that, but if you could concentrate on somewhere a few hundred miles away (How about Iceland? They are OK with snow & ice) I'd be most grateful.

Failing that - slushy show is yuck.
Just thought I'd mention



17th December

9.30 a.m. Bright sky. Cold. No snow
10.30 a.m. Cold. No snow.
12.30 a,m, Snow.


16 December

Cold. Wet. Miserable. 'Nuff said.


14th December

Yesterday I visited friends in Aylesbury. We walked the dogs in Wendover Woods. The road up to the car park & cafe is about a mile and very steep.
The views from the top would have been superb had it not been so misty. The mist was laying lower than we were though, so it looked like the trees were wading through a milk-white sea that rippled and undulated and sparkled as the strengthening sun broke through.

Dry day, but very cold.


12th December

bit misty & foggy this morning - that lead grey look everywhere.