10th December

diary is a bit erratic - never mind.
Much milder today, but there's that damp gloom everywhere. Shades of grey.....


7th December

Bright sky but so cold (though the pond hasn't frozen)

With the front door open as someone went out it was like a blast from Siberia whooshing through the house.
Or maybe The White Witch from Narnia hurtling through on her sleigh.
I did hear bells jingling but I assumed it was the cat's collar tinkling....


6th December

dull and dismal.
nothing is moving out in the garden. Very grey, very damp, very cold.
Everything is limp and lifeless - including me! :)


5th December

The sky was a bright, clear blue for most of the day - cold though. The sort of day where you feel you could walk forever - as long as you had stout boots, a hat, gloves and scarf.

I'm a bit annoyed that I felt so rough in the week that I didn't get a chance to have a walk in the Forest in the snow.

Mind you, the last time I went for a walk with my husband he took me miles, which hurt my dodgy hip so much I couldn't do anything else for a couple of days.

How did people in the past manage I wonder? I suppose most didn't grow old, so it didn't matter.

(Not that I'm that old she said hurriedly. I'm 57 ..... oh gawd, that's OLD! :-)