4th December

I peeped out at about 3 a.m. and it was raining - by getting up time ( in today's case, 9.30) the snow had all gone.

The sun tried to struggle through in the early afternoon, but gave up as too hard a task & gave way to more drizzle.#

OK I don't like snow - but I don't like drizzle either!


2nd December

I've just let the dog out for a final wee before going to bed - the wind is bitter.
We have only about an inch of snow here in NE London - unlike the several feet in Yorkshire and Scotland.

The water pipes are all frozen up at the stable yard, though.  Filling several dozen bottles of water to take up to supply four horses is no joke!

How people in the past managed I can't imagine.
Maybe I'm just soft, but I like my comfy bed with its memory foam mattress and the central heating!

For all my interest in hostory - no I don't think I want to swap time periods!

(I've had a rotten cold these last couple of days, maybe that added to the feeling low syndrome? )