13th November

mild - but dismal and grey. A sort of "bleh" day!


11th November

Raining this morning, but it cleared up to a bright sunny day - but oh my the wind! Quite a gale blowing. That'll be all the leaves down now :-( shame, the autumn colours have been glorious.

Poppies - because it is Poppy Day - Armistice Day. The Great War (WWI) was supposed to be the war to end all wars. So sad that it wasn't.

Blessed Be to all who have died for their Country.


10th November

I had this from a friend - she lives on Long Island  NY ... (Yay! I've been to Long Island.... BIG big place compared to England!)

'I was looking at your weather blog again today' she writes, 'and was reminded that I took some photos recently in and around town. 

I tried to catch the foliage before the show was over. These are from a park near the village green.
I did take others at another park which is a few minutes from home, it has a nice lake with fountains (not to mention plenty of Canada geese and green goose poop! Actually in Elizabethan times there was a color called goose turd green!)'
Thanks Ann!

Well, today here in the UK it is bright and sunny, beautiful autumn colours - reds, golds, browns, yellows - and the grass is goose turd green!


8th November

Cold. wet, A "bleh" day. Ron, Kathy and I went to one of the big garden centres - started some Christmas shopping.

 I also bought a yellow and a red dogwood for the garden, some tulip bulbs in all different colours and some miniature daffs to go in the baskets on the wall by the back door.

I can't tell you what gifts I bought for Kathy & Ron in case they ever read this - suffice to say in the crafts and gifts department of the centre I did very well. And Kathy loves owls....


7th November

The wisteria has now turned a golden yellow and is shedding leaves. I've covered the pond with netting to catch them.
It's mild though, and the fish are still feeding.

Ron and I moved a couple of the young copper beech hedge saplings yesterday. They were in the wrong place, getting smothered by the ivy that covers the fence between our garden & next door's. We decided to shift them to the long side of the garden where they can grow quite happily to form a hedge near the hazel tree. According to Gardeners World magazine, now is the time to move shrubs, when they are dormant but the ground is warm.
The Hazel Tree is about 8 feet now (just turning colour) I was given it as a tiny sapling in a pot by the widower of my best friend Hazel, as a reminder of her. I miss her so very much, her laughter, gossipping, sharing our dreams, hopes - annoyances. We were friends for 32 years, she died in 2001 on 31st October