30th October

Oh dear I've been neglecting this weather diary haven't I? There's not been much different to report - weather very similar, although it has now turned milder again.
Everywhere the trees and shrubs are turning to autumn colours. The chrysanthemums in the garden look beautiful - a bright spot of golden yellow. My copper beach hedging is starting to look good too - although I have them more spaced apart, I think. Might have to shift a couple to make a firmer "hedge" along the side of the garden.

One or two sparrows have returned, but where have the rest gone? I'm missing my little flock!


25th October St Crispin's Day

We few, we happy few shall be remeber-ed....

Red sky at night - shepherd's delight
Red sky in morning - shepherd' warning.

The sky reflected so many lovely colours as the sun rose. By midday it was pouring. Very cold too.


24th October

Cold and bright this morning. Cold and wet this afternoon.