22nd October

It was cold last night. I looked out into the garden at about 1 a.m. there was a frost - white glistening on the grass in the full moonlight. Lovely.
A slight edge of ice rimmed around ashallow  puddle formed in a hollow of the path.
All was crisp, and sparkly and so, so silent.


Had a look at what was blooming in the garden. The honeysuckle is still out,  pinks (though looking a bit drab) One or two roses (they've not done so well this year) The rambler along the right hand fence has turned to glorious red hips - so note to self, don't dead-head these next summer.
The  antirrhinums  Snapdragons, as we used to call them - we put some in tubs, they haven't done so well. Will transplant to the garden proper & collect all the seeds.
The Nasturtiums have gone rampant - is it an alien take-over? Several are in the wrong spot, so another note to self: collect the seed pods & scatter in places which are rather bare in October. Under the trees, in front of the back door - beneath the bird table. They look fabulous with their bright orange flowers. Plant seeds closer together to get a huge show.
Geraniums are still going strong and a couple of dahlias, they all have to be removed to the greenhouse soon, when the frosts start.


18th October

Yesterday I was in an hotel in Nottingham - the Premier Inn, Island Site. The restaurant overlooked the canal. The morning was bright and sunny, quite warm. The previous day I had watched a seagull catch a fish and have it for his (or her) breakfast. Sunday morning I sat enjoying a cup of tea looking out over the still, calm water.
Mist was curling from the surface, giving the impression that the water was on fire - it was thick enough to be tendrils of smoke.
I later sat outside, not wishing to go too early across to the London train.
Out of the wind and shade, it was pleasantly warm. In the shade? Distinctly chilly.

The sun was low though, so very dazzling to the eye.