2nd October

Are there more spiders around than usual? I seem to walk into webs wherever I go.
Not a good thing, I'm not too keen on spiders.

The birds seem to have vanished. Where has my flock of sparrows gone?The morning was bright, but the wind is cold.
 2.30 p.m. and it is starting to cloud over.
My daughter is now rugging up her horses during the day as well as at night.


1st October

Pouring with rain.


30th September

Last day of the month.  Autumn is here. Today I made chutney from the tomato glut we had. No idea how it will taste. I'll let you know.
Did you know -   tomato, chocolate and avocado are old pre-Spanish conquest words from Mexico?


September 29th is...

Michaelmas Day, the feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (the Archangels); for Anglicans it is the feast of Saint Michael and All Angels. This Christian Feast, like so many others, is derived from the Pagan Autumnal Equinox feasts. It is one of the "four quarter days" signalling the beginning of each quarter of the year and welcoming each of the four seasons.
The entire Autumn season is known traditionally as Michaelmas. Michaelmas fairs were a focal gathering for farmers and merchants. As early as 1014, the laws of Aethelred in England prescribe for a three day fast for all Christians before the feast. Servants were not allowed to work during these days. Michaelmas was when rents were due, and often paid in food.
The traditional Michaelmas fare was goose,it was said that eating something rich like goose at this turning point of the year brings good luck.
Michaelmas signals the beginning of the hunting season for deer and other large game.
This is the time of the year when the god’s power weakens toward his death as the goddess reaches her full maturity as the Crone. It is considered the end of the harvest and a time of gathering for the  forthcoming winter.

St Michael was also the patron saint of the sea and sailors..
Michaelmas celebrates the time when Archangel Michael hurled Lucifer from heaven. Lucifer fell into a blackberry bush, so  no more eating blackberries after this date!
For horse owners, "Blackberry Season" is always a time of year when horses can start to look a bit thin and ragged - you can tell  a good horse owner if his or her horses look well at Michaelmas.
Bright Blessings


27th Sept

Noon. Everything eerily still. No movement at all. Not even the birds are flying about.


26th September

The day started bright, turned to rain by lunchtime. Quite cold this evening as well.

25th September

In 1066 Harold Godewinson, the last Anglo Saxon English King of England fought, and won, at Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire against the invading "Vikings" Harald Hardrada and his own brother, Tostig.
While in the North, Harold learnt that Duke William of Normandy had landed on the south coast near Pevensey Bay.

My family and I, here in 2010, were near Cambridge at an Agriculture Show. The day was bright, but a very cold north wind was blowing in off the East Anglian Fens.
It clouded over very quickly at about 1.30 - but the rain held off, and the wind was strong enough to blow the grey clouds away.
There was a brief but beautiful sunset.

I assume the weather was dry back in 1066, for Harold had no trouble marching north in an impressive 3 days, and back again in the same time to London.
Had the weather been wet the roads would have become a quagmire & slowed them down.