21st December

I didn't see the lunar eclipse. For one thing only a small part would have been visible from the UK, for another our skies were very overcast here this morning - and the truthful reason ..... I was asleep.

Temperatures have reached as low as -19 in some parts of the UK. I thought it was quite Ok last night (at about 12.45 - I'd been to the Olympia horseshoe & was waiting for my husband to collect me & Kathy from the nearest Underground station, having missed the last bus.)
Yes breath was looking like a dragon in full steam, pavements were icy and my hands were cold, but I was wrapped up in several warm layers and was out of the wind. I suppose ten minutes in the cold is different to ten hours though.

I hope the homeless have all found shelter. Nights like this no one deserves to sleep in a cardboard box or a doorway..

How did they endure in the past I wonder? Without good heating, with nowhere to dry clothes?

I don't think I'd be too keen to go back in time during the winter months, to be honest.