7th November

The wisteria has now turned a golden yellow and is shedding leaves. I've covered the pond with netting to catch them.
It's mild though, and the fish are still feeding.

Ron and I moved a couple of the young copper beech hedge saplings yesterday. They were in the wrong place, getting smothered by the ivy that covers the fence between our garden & next door's. We decided to shift them to the long side of the garden where they can grow quite happily to form a hedge near the hazel tree. According to Gardeners World magazine, now is the time to move shrubs, when they are dormant but the ground is warm.
The Hazel Tree is about 8 feet now (just turning colour) I was given it as a tiny sapling in a pot by the widower of my best friend Hazel, as a reminder of her. I miss her so very much, her laughter, gossipping, sharing our dreams, hopes - annoyances. We were friends for 32 years, she died in 2001 on 31st October