23rd November

for a change, a night time diary.
We had to drive out into the country (To the equestrian centre at Sataleford Abbotts) The moon was hanging low over the fields & glistening in the river Roding. A crisp night with a cold sting to the wind - but not cold enough to freeze - yet.

The stars were out - though I could only see them when the moon was shielded by one of the barns as it was so bright.
Kathy's at the centre starting her training to be a show jumping judge. Hope she gets on OK.

Back home now I can see the moon high in the sky  - almost as if she is peering down through the window at me at work here at my desk.

I hung the fat ball container up by the bird table this afternoon, hoping they might tempt the little birds back.

Cleared the last of the nasturtiums away. They looked lovely, deep orange and golden yellows, but they got a little too rampant and were stifling the lavender.
Next year: remember to plant nasturtiums where they can ramble over things that need to be hidden from mid October.