22nd November

another bleak day. Grey sky (trying to rain) quite windy and cold.

My daughter's bedroom wall has been getting thick with mold - always just the one corner.

Since moving into this place we've had the landlord down to this wall, insisting that the damp course was not fuunctioning.

Workman said "its condensation. You have to keep a window open"
(at night? In a bedroom? In winter?)

they treated the wall, the mold came back. The workmen came back
"It's condensation. There's too much furniture in here"
(A bed, a besdide table, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers a computer table, a bookcase. Sounds reasonable furniture for a 14 x 12 bedroom to me)

they treated the wall. The mold came back/

(not now no wardrobe in bedroom - cupboard under stairs in the room cleared of junk & that is now dauhter's wardrobe, so even less furniture in the room AND the window has been open.

Wall very damp.
"It;'s the damp course that has gone" said the man

Sigh. I've been saying that for 4 years now.....

Just noticed that my hazel tree still has its autumn finery. It turned yellow later than the other trees so is still leaf-clad.
It's only about 6 foot high at the moment. Until we moved herein November 2006  it was in a pot and about 3 foot high.
A special tree, given to me as a 1 foot high sapling in December 2001 by the widower of my very best friend - Hazel, who passed away in her sleep on the morning of October 31st 2001. She was only in her early 50's and was more like a sister than a friend. I  miss her dreadfully. Had known her for 32 years.

It's hard losing a good friend when you were so very close.