21st November

Oops, been a bit neglectful here these last couple of days. Not been too well, that's why..... seasonal depression affecting me a little.
When the clocks change and there is a distinct lack of daylight and sunlight I get very "can't be bothered". All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep - and you'd think that sleeping in late of a morning would mean unable to sleep at night. Although I often don't go to bed until after midnight, I do sleep. So its a bit like wanting to curl up and hibernate.
Sunny, bright days are not so bad, but dull foggy mornings..... ugh.... I'll stay in bed thank you.

Not helped by a throbbing headache mid week.

Most of the leaves are gone from the trees, a strong wind, almost gale force and a sharp frost put an end to them.
I hate this month, when everything has finished and the long winter  is stretching ahead. It's cold, damp and miserable.
Roll on Spring!


  1. I do hope your headache is better and that you are smiling again. We have wall to wall sunshine most days, but I still went to curl up and ignore everything from time to time. Loved the photograph. x

  2. Thank you Pauline. Headche better but still feel early Winter Blues Bleh! :-)

    Getting motivated is an uphill struggle, but I'm managing.
    I so hate this dark time of year


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