Had a look at what was blooming in the garden. The honeysuckle is still out,  pinks (though looking a bit drab) One or two roses (they've not done so well this year) The rambler along the right hand fence has turned to glorious red hips - so note to self, don't dead-head these next summer.
The  antirrhinums  Snapdragons, as we used to call them - we put some in tubs, they haven't done so well. Will transplant to the garden proper & collect all the seeds.
The Nasturtiums have gone rampant - is it an alien take-over? Several are in the wrong spot, so another note to self: collect the seed pods & scatter in places which are rather bare in October. Under the trees, in front of the back door - beneath the bird table. They look fabulous with their bright orange flowers. Plant seeds closer together to get a huge show.
Geraniums are still going strong and a couple of dahlias, they all have to be removed to the greenhouse soon, when the frosts start.