11th October

Weekend at Battle Abbey for the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings Event.

Saturday morning: An early mist shrouded the little town of Battle, streamers of mist weaving in and out of the towers of the Abbey Gatehouse (right opposite my hotel window) Dawn was at about 7 ish?

Walking down to the field at about 10 a.m the mist had cleared and a bright, strong sun had come up. The air smelt of damp grass and earth & the smoke of campfires (from the living history encampment)
By afternoon is had become very hot - but suddenly turned cold at about 4.15 - then the mist returned.
Sunday was very similar, although the morning mist was not so heavy.

I could hear seagulls every so often, and there was a faint tang of the sea in the air. Battle is only 7 miles from Hastings, after all.