September 18th

So very still outside. No wind, the banks of white cloud don't appear to be moving. Not much blue sky today and there is a distinct Autumnal feel in the air. It was quite chilly last night.
My fish in the pond are all down the bottom, and the sparrows are lining up along the wisteria waiting for their lunch time seed! I have about 40 sparrows in my colony now.


  1. That is early for your koi to be down the bottom of your pond. We had koi for many years when we lived in Surrey. It must be cold early! Keep warm! x PS simply love the photographs of the various seasons...magical!

  2. I'm envious. Here in Memphis, it's 95 today, headed for 97 tomorrow, and we haven't had rain for weeks. You don't want to know what my herb garden looks like!

  3. Pauline - it seems the weaher had nothing to do with it. My husband saw a cat trying to catch the fish - so they were hiding when I looked in. They were all up the top an hour later. I have two Koi, several orfe, shubunkins, comets and goldfish.
    The black & gold Koi is called Goldie, the other one, red & silver, is Silver Patch - LOL very imaginative names!
    Goldy is friendly he/she likes to be stroked. Silver Patch is a recluse!


Whatever the weather where you are - thank you for adding your thoughts!