September 2010

Bright, bright blue sky. I used to say "robin's egg" blue until I realised that the UK robin's egg is not bright blue  but a pale white - the US robin's egg is though.
I'm looking out my office window, it's 10.20 a.m. (that's what my wall clock says, the computer never seems to agree - it's like living in a time warp!)
There are little white wispy clouds scudding across the expanse of blue - moving quickly from left to right (north to south)
I have rainbows and patches of rainbow spots dancing across my ceiling, like excited fairies - reflections from the crystals that hang in the window or rest on the windowsill.
Light and dark is moving around the inside of the window because the wind is blustering through the wisteria leaves that ramble along their wires from the fence to the wall. The tree is moving about quite a bit too (what tree is it? I must find out - it could be a large shrub not a tree? A good 12 foot high, has small clusters of white flowers - hmm when does it have the flowers? I can't remember)
LOl there is a wisteria shoot flailing about it has nothing to cling on to so it looks like it is some weird skinny monster seeking its prey.
I can hear the traffic from the main North Circular Road (A406) about half a mile away - its to the north, so the wind is carrying the sound.
Other sounds? The sparrow cheeping & squabbling around the bird table. No planes going over this morning. Wonder why? Different direction for them to take off from Stansted I suppose?
There's a lot of shadow moving outside too - but the wind isn't strong enough to play with my wind chimes, they are quite still.
There wasn't enough sun yesterday to keep my solar lights lit for long last night. Must go and move the solar panel thingy box. The lights are blue & I love how they reflect in the pond at night.