September 2010


Bright blue sky with tufts of white cloud. By noon the sky was a slate grey and rain was pouring down - but within a few minutes the rain swept away and the sun shone as if there was going to be no tomoorow.
The grass, trees, branches, everything sparkled like fairies had been around scattering diamonds everywhere.
And in the sky the most brilliant arc of a rainbow, every colour as vibrant as if an artist had painted it there.
This evening, dark by 7.45 and very damp and chilly. Not cold enough for the heating, but cardi & thick socks needed.

The trees are starting to turn yellow. Autumn is coming early this year.

The hedges are weighted down with blackberries. Roses have bright red hips. The oak trees are dropping their acorns already. I picked a perfect ne up - bright, fresh green a couple of days ago, now its acorn brown.
It's in my treasure tray on my desk.