31st Decenber

A little wren sat on the tree outside my bedroom window this morning and sung his luittle heart out.
I hope he comes back tomorrow - whatalovely way to welcome in the New Year.
This afternoon, a blackbird was singing in the tree outside my office window. Lovely.


30th December

Not exactly raining, not exactly dry.
The river Lea is still frozen - I wouldn't trust walking out on it mind you!


29th December



28th December

Raining and miserable. Nothing much to add to that :-(


27th December

Bright sunshine here in London - but still cold and very icy out.
Deep snow in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia it seems....

I love Williamsburg been there twice and want to go again. Meanwhile I visit via webcam....

Merchants Square, Noon London Time, 7 a.m. local
The Magazine, Colonial Williamsburg - Dawn
 (noon London time)


26th December

Good Lady Helen last looked out
On the feast of Stephen
When the snow lay round about, slushy and uneven
Brightly shone the sun that day
but the wind was bitter
so she browsed on e-e-bay
and had a chat on Tw...i...tter



24th December

It was a lovely day today - clear and bright, although cold. The snow is partchy, but there is a lot of ice.

I have just been out in the garden - it is 9/30 pm. It is cold but clear. Hundreds of sparkling stars.
No sign of Santa yet though.

Merry Christmas everyone


23rd December

some blatant pirating: looted from Linda Proud's Blog which she in turn used from the chronicle of Bartolommeo Masi, quoted in John Gage's 'Life in Italy at the time of the Medici.'

In the winter of 1510 the snow lay more than two feet deep in the streets, 'so that you could not get out of the houses to do business without removing it, and so everyone clered his own entrance. And most people in Florence went up on to the roofs of their houses to clear the snow and throw it down in the streets, to relieve the roofs, for fear that they might collapse under the great weight of it. The cold was so great that after lunch, when the sun was slightly stronger than in the morning, the roofs started to drip, and there was none without icicles under the eaves, two or three feet long, which seemed to be pieces of crystal. Sometimes one fell, and would have killed anyone it hit on the head, they were so large and pointed. The people were careful not to walk under the eaves, and you also had to take care where you put your feet, because of the great sheets of ice on all the streets, for when the snow melted from the roofs, the drops turned to ice as soon as they touched the street, so that it was like walking on diamonds. You could never walk with enough caution, because you never went from home to work without falling over once or twice.

To read the full article click here


21st December

I didn't see the lunar eclipse. For one thing only a small part would have been visible from the UK, for another our skies were very overcast here this morning - and the truthful reason ..... I was asleep.

Temperatures have reached as low as -19 in some parts of the UK. I thought it was quite Ok last night (at about 12.45 - I'd been to the Olympia horseshoe & was waiting for my husband to collect me & Kathy from the nearest Underground station, having missed the last bus.)
Yes breath was looking like a dragon in full steam, pavements were icy and my hands were cold, but I was wrapped up in several warm layers and was out of the wind. I suppose ten minutes in the cold is different to ten hours though.

I hope the homeless have all found shelter. Nights like this no one deserves to sleep in a cardboard box or a doorway..

How did they endure in the past I wonder? Without good heating, with nowhere to dry clothes?

I don't think I'd be too keen to go back in time during the winter months, to be honest.


20th December

AS reluctant as I am to admit it - its a beautiful day outside! The sky is bright blue, the snow is majestically draped over hedge, tree and fence and blanketing the garden - and the sun is sparkling on it.
Blue tits are singing from the tree outside my office window - and I can't take a photo because I have no idea where the camera is.

It doesn't even feel that cold outside.
If it wasn't for the fact that I'm out tonight I'd go for a walk but I've already been shopping (managed to get a goose in Sainsburies . Yay!) and I know I'll be knackered if I don't go sit down for a bit.

Probably be snowing again by this evening


19th December

I woke up in the early hours - about 3.30 I think it was - and peeped out through my bedroom window.
I don't like snow because of the difficulties it causes, and I worry about my daughter going back & forth to the stable yard to do the horses safely - cars and ice and snow don't mix.

Snow is wonderful if you don't have to travel anywhere. But when you do....

However, the view from my window (ignoring the wheelie bin, compost bin and recycling boxes) was lovely. The hedge draped in snow, the tree decorated with snowy tinsel. The school opposite with a white coated roof and artistically natural festooned windows.

The street light rather spoilt things as it is right outside and too bright (although it is one of those "downward" lights that are good for the night sky environment.)

What was beautiful was the moon. Almost full and hanging serenely in a black, black sky watching, protective over us with her benevolent smile.

Tuesday is the Winter Solstice - the Festival of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, and this year is special. This year there will be a full moon at the solstice. And an eclipse.  The last time this happened was 456 years ago.

One other thing struck me as I snuggled back into my warm bed. I always have the small window partly open (can't sleep with a closed window). I lay there listening.

Not a sound. Outside was absolute silence.

I live in a busy north east London town. About 100 yards away at the end of my road is a busy main road. Not far away the even busier North Circular A 406 and the Billet Roundabout, a very busy junction leading to the M11 motorway.
When the wind is in the right direction I can hear the traffic clearly - including the blare of horns and squeal of tyres.... brace yourself for the following crump of a crash.....

Most nights a police car with Blues & Twos - Lights..... Music.... nah, nah; nah, nah (add your own Doppler effect)

Or a fire engine races past the other end of my road (the quieter non main road end, about 10 yards away) The fire station is along this road, so the engines often come down.

Then there is the ordinary traffic; cars, vans, that bloomin' diesel truck that pulls up every morning and lets his noisy engine idle for at least ten minutes. The slam of upstairs' front door. I swear one day they will have it off its hinges or a window will break. They slam it with such force the front of my place shakes.

But last night - not a sound. No noise from the flat upstairs. No noise from any neighbour. Not a car, a van, a fire engine, a police car. No engines, no exhaust, no siren. Nothing.

Silent night.
Holy Night
All was calm.
All was bright.

Then one small, tiny, contented little noise started to grow steadily louder and settled into a soporific rhythm.
From the end of my bed the kitten was purring.

Don't know what happened after that. I fell asleep.


18th December

Dear Weather God.

I realise you are very busy at the moment powering up the wind machine, emptying buckets of snowflakes and running around making sure all temperature gauges are set to below zero - but do you think you could sort of forget to do too much for London at the moment?

Thank you for holding off yesterday while we moved the horses to their new stable yard, I appreciate that, but if you could concentrate on somewhere a few hundred miles away (How about Iceland? They are OK with snow & ice) I'd be most grateful.

Failing that - slushy show is yuck.
Just thought I'd mention



17th December

9.30 a.m. Bright sky. Cold. No snow
10.30 a.m. Cold. No snow.
12.30 a,m, Snow.


16 December

Cold. Wet. Miserable. 'Nuff said.


14th December

Yesterday I visited friends in Aylesbury. We walked the dogs in Wendover Woods. The road up to the car park & cafe is about a mile and very steep.
The views from the top would have been superb had it not been so misty. The mist was laying lower than we were though, so it looked like the trees were wading through a milk-white sea that rippled and undulated and sparkled as the strengthening sun broke through.

Dry day, but very cold.


12th December

bit misty & foggy this morning - that lead grey look everywhere.


10th December

diary is a bit erratic - never mind.
Much milder today, but there's that damp gloom everywhere. Shades of grey.....


7th December

Bright sky but so cold (though the pond hasn't frozen)

With the front door open as someone went out it was like a blast from Siberia whooshing through the house.
Or maybe The White Witch from Narnia hurtling through on her sleigh.
I did hear bells jingling but I assumed it was the cat's collar tinkling....


6th December

dull and dismal.
nothing is moving out in the garden. Very grey, very damp, very cold.
Everything is limp and lifeless - including me! :)


5th December

The sky was a bright, clear blue for most of the day - cold though. The sort of day where you feel you could walk forever - as long as you had stout boots, a hat, gloves and scarf.

I'm a bit annoyed that I felt so rough in the week that I didn't get a chance to have a walk in the Forest in the snow.

Mind you, the last time I went for a walk with my husband he took me miles, which hurt my dodgy hip so much I couldn't do anything else for a couple of days.

How did people in the past manage I wonder? I suppose most didn't grow old, so it didn't matter.

(Not that I'm that old she said hurriedly. I'm 57 ..... oh gawd, that's OLD! :-)


4th December

I peeped out at about 3 a.m. and it was raining - by getting up time ( in today's case, 9.30) the snow had all gone.

The sun tried to struggle through in the early afternoon, but gave up as too hard a task & gave way to more drizzle.#

OK I don't like snow - but I don't like drizzle either!


2nd December

I've just let the dog out for a final wee before going to bed - the wind is bitter.
We have only about an inch of snow here in NE London - unlike the several feet in Yorkshire and Scotland.

The water pipes are all frozen up at the stable yard, though.  Filling several dozen bottles of water to take up to supply four horses is no joke!

How people in the past managed I can't imagine.
Maybe I'm just soft, but I like my comfy bed with its memory foam mattress and the central heating!

For all my interest in hostory - no I don't think I want to swap time periods!

(I've had a rotten cold these last couple of days, maybe that added to the feeling low syndrome? )


27th November

Cold. No snow. Just cold.

Used the fishing net to fish the leaves out of the pond. No way was I putting my hands in there!

A friend advised me about my concern re the sparrows. He suggested putting out a different type of food to attract them back.

OK Sparrows ! Listen Up!



26th November

A bright, sunny day. Nipped out into the garden to put some peanuts on the feeder for the squirrels. I knew they were watching me from the trees. Last winter they got so tame they took food from my hand. I've not fed them since the spring though - plenty of food in summer etc.

I put some fish food in the pond, but they're not interested. Scooped some leaves out of the water - boy was it cold! My fingers hurt when I came back into the warmth.

Still no sign of my sparrows though :-(  I wonder where they've gone? I can't believe that the whole gang of 30 or so have vanished!

(I feel better today - bright sunshine though, not grey dull)


25th November

Thanksgiving for all my US friends - not a UK celebration though.

It is very cold out - snow in the north and in Cornwall (on top of the recent flooding they've had? Poor Cornish !) Snow given for the eastern counties as well - will that include us here in London?
Hope not. Snow is very pretty but I hate it.

The squirrels are back in the garden - probably because I've started putting peanuts out for them. :-)

Heard a robin singing at dawn this morning, then Ron saw him (or another robin LOL ) sitting on top of the fence post - still singing his red-feathered heart out

I love robins - and blackbirds
Wish my sparrows would come back though.

The fish in the pond are still swimming about, but not much interested in food. MUST put a ball in the water in case it freezes


24th November

bright but cold. Sun very low & dazzling


23rd November

for a change, a night time diary.
We had to drive out into the country (To the equestrian centre at Sataleford Abbotts) The moon was hanging low over the fields & glistening in the river Roding. A crisp night with a cold sting to the wind - but not cold enough to freeze - yet.

The stars were out - though I could only see them when the moon was shielded by one of the barns as it was so bright.
Kathy's at the centre starting her training to be a show jumping judge. Hope she gets on OK.

Back home now I can see the moon high in the sky  - almost as if she is peering down through the window at me at work here at my desk.

I hung the fat ball container up by the bird table this afternoon, hoping they might tempt the little birds back.

Cleared the last of the nasturtiums away. They looked lovely, deep orange and golden yellows, but they got a little too rampant and were stifling the lavender.
Next year: remember to plant nasturtiums where they can ramble over things that need to be hidden from mid October.


22nd November

another bleak day. Grey sky (trying to rain) quite windy and cold.

My daughter's bedroom wall has been getting thick with mold - always just the one corner.

Since moving into this place we've had the landlord down to this wall, insisting that the damp course was not fuunctioning.

Workman said "its condensation. You have to keep a window open"
(at night? In a bedroom? In winter?)

they treated the wall, the mold came back. The workmen came back
"It's condensation. There's too much furniture in here"
(A bed, a besdide table, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers a computer table, a bookcase. Sounds reasonable furniture for a 14 x 12 bedroom to me)

they treated the wall. The mold came back/

(not now no wardrobe in bedroom - cupboard under stairs in the room cleared of junk & that is now dauhter's wardrobe, so even less furniture in the room AND the window has been open.

Wall very damp.
"It;'s the damp course that has gone" said the man

Sigh. I've been saying that for 4 years now.....

Just noticed that my hazel tree still has its autumn finery. It turned yellow later than the other trees so is still leaf-clad.
It's only about 6 foot high at the moment. Until we moved herein November 2006  it was in a pot and about 3 foot high.
A special tree, given to me as a 1 foot high sapling in December 2001 by the widower of my very best friend - Hazel, who passed away in her sleep on the morning of October 31st 2001. She was only in her early 50's and was more like a sister than a friend. I  miss her dreadfully. Had known her for 32 years.

It's hard losing a good friend when you were so very close.


21st November

Oops, been a bit neglectful here these last couple of days. Not been too well, that's why..... seasonal depression affecting me a little.
When the clocks change and there is a distinct lack of daylight and sunlight I get very "can't be bothered". All I want to do is stay in bed and sleep - and you'd think that sleeping in late of a morning would mean unable to sleep at night. Although I often don't go to bed until after midnight, I do sleep. So its a bit like wanting to curl up and hibernate.
Sunny, bright days are not so bad, but dull foggy mornings..... ugh.... I'll stay in bed thank you.

Not helped by a throbbing headache mid week.

Most of the leaves are gone from the trees, a strong wind, almost gale force and a sharp frost put an end to them.
I hate this month, when everything has finished and the long winter  is stretching ahead. It's cold, damp and miserable.
Roll on Spring!

14th November

a grey day - getting dark by 4 p.m again. The trees and shrubs look very dreary and depressed, everything drooping. Funny how a bit of sun makes everything cheerful and upright!.
I wonder how the hedgehog in my garden is doing? Is she/he hibernating yet?

Delighted to discover bats roosting in the barn at Bury Farm Sewardstonebury, Chingford. Especially as that means the buildings can't be pulled down until there has been a proper survey.

Especially delighted because the place is for sale to be re-developed - and that's where I keep my horses!


13th November

mild - but dismal and grey. A sort of "bleh" day!


11th November

Raining this morning, but it cleared up to a bright sunny day - but oh my the wind! Quite a gale blowing. That'll be all the leaves down now :-( shame, the autumn colours have been glorious.

Poppies - because it is Poppy Day - Armistice Day. The Great War (WWI) was supposed to be the war to end all wars. So sad that it wasn't.

Blessed Be to all who have died for their Country.


10th November

I had this from a friend - she lives on Long Island  NY ... (Yay! I've been to Long Island.... BIG big place compared to England!)

'I was looking at your weather blog again today' she writes, 'and was reminded that I took some photos recently in and around town. 

I tried to catch the foliage before the show was over. These are from a park near the village green.
I did take others at another park which is a few minutes from home, it has a nice lake with fountains (not to mention plenty of Canada geese and green goose poop! Actually in Elizabethan times there was a color called goose turd green!)'
Thanks Ann!

Well, today here in the UK it is bright and sunny, beautiful autumn colours - reds, golds, browns, yellows - and the grass is goose turd green!


8th November

Cold. wet, A "bleh" day. Ron, Kathy and I went to one of the big garden centres - started some Christmas shopping.

 I also bought a yellow and a red dogwood for the garden, some tulip bulbs in all different colours and some miniature daffs to go in the baskets on the wall by the back door.

I can't tell you what gifts I bought for Kathy & Ron in case they ever read this - suffice to say in the crafts and gifts department of the centre I did very well. And Kathy loves owls....


7th November

The wisteria has now turned a golden yellow and is shedding leaves. I've covered the pond with netting to catch them.
It's mild though, and the fish are still feeding.

Ron and I moved a couple of the young copper beech hedge saplings yesterday. They were in the wrong place, getting smothered by the ivy that covers the fence between our garden & next door's. We decided to shift them to the long side of the garden where they can grow quite happily to form a hedge near the hazel tree. According to Gardeners World magazine, now is the time to move shrubs, when they are dormant but the ground is warm.
The Hazel Tree is about 8 feet now (just turning colour) I was given it as a tiny sapling in a pot by the widower of my best friend Hazel, as a reminder of her. I miss her so very much, her laughter, gossipping, sharing our dreams, hopes - annoyances. We were friends for 32 years, she died in 2001 on 31st October


4th November

I keep getting dates muddled up. Why do I keep thinking it is still  September?

Very gusty wind here in Devon. Its roaring through every cranny & sounds like the sea when I stand near one of the chimneys. A constant growl of noise.

The trees are leaning over - those permanently bent by the prevailing wind look like little old men struggling along, hunched double.

I can hear two crows chacking outside - seagulls were creating a din earlier.

No sheep on the hill behind the house this morning, I expect they are in a hollowed shelter somewhere

The sky is a single lead grey colour - the sea matching, apart from where the Bar stretches across the estuary & along the shore line where its a mass of white, agitated foam.


3rd November

the wind is squinnying through every crack & cranny scurrying across the floor. Must go find a pair of socks, my feet are cold.

Damp & dreary weather wise. Couldn't see the surg over the Bar this morning, too misty.


2nd November

Insti=ow. Devon.
The sky is a bright, clear blue. From the front window of the house I can see the headland opposite Appledore and the surf churning over The Bar - a sandbank that has been the bain of shipping entering the Taw Torridge rivers since the early days of shipping.
The sun is bright, but the air is cold - quite a wind blowing.
I can smell the tang of the sea.
Everything is clear and crisp, and so quiet.


30th October

Oh dear I've been neglecting this weather diary haven't I? There's not been much different to report - weather very similar, although it has now turned milder again.
Everywhere the trees and shrubs are turning to autumn colours. The chrysanthemums in the garden look beautiful - a bright spot of golden yellow. My copper beach hedging is starting to look good too - although I have them more spaced apart, I think. Might have to shift a couple to make a firmer "hedge" along the side of the garden.

One or two sparrows have returned, but where have the rest gone? I'm missing my little flock!


25th October St Crispin's Day

We few, we happy few shall be remeber-ed....

Red sky at night - shepherd's delight
Red sky in morning - shepherd' warning.

The sky reflected so many lovely colours as the sun rose. By midday it was pouring. Very cold too.


24th October

Cold and bright this morning. Cold and wet this afternoon.


22nd October

It was cold last night. I looked out into the garden at about 1 a.m. there was a frost - white glistening on the grass in the full moonlight. Lovely.
A slight edge of ice rimmed around ashallow  puddle formed in a hollow of the path.
All was crisp, and sparkly and so, so silent.


Had a look at what was blooming in the garden. The honeysuckle is still out,  pinks (though looking a bit drab) One or two roses (they've not done so well this year) The rambler along the right hand fence has turned to glorious red hips - so note to self, don't dead-head these next summer.
The  antirrhinums  Snapdragons, as we used to call them - we put some in tubs, they haven't done so well. Will transplant to the garden proper & collect all the seeds.
The Nasturtiums have gone rampant - is it an alien take-over? Several are in the wrong spot, so another note to self: collect the seed pods & scatter in places which are rather bare in October. Under the trees, in front of the back door - beneath the bird table. They look fabulous with their bright orange flowers. Plant seeds closer together to get a huge show.
Geraniums are still going strong and a couple of dahlias, they all have to be removed to the greenhouse soon, when the frosts start.


18th October

Yesterday I was in an hotel in Nottingham - the Premier Inn, Island Site. The restaurant overlooked the canal. The morning was bright and sunny, quite warm. The previous day I had watched a seagull catch a fish and have it for his (or her) breakfast. Sunday morning I sat enjoying a cup of tea looking out over the still, calm water.
Mist was curling from the surface, giving the impression that the water was on fire - it was thick enough to be tendrils of smoke.
I later sat outside, not wishing to go too early across to the London train.
Out of the wind and shade, it was pleasantly warm. In the shade? Distinctly chilly.

The sun was low though, so very dazzling to the eye.


Wednesday 13th

Dull nd distinctly chilly. My little birds have still not returned to the garden. I'm getting worried about my sparrows!
My husband planted the last of the daffodil bulbs today. He has made a lovely garden trough for them using the old wooden headboard & frame  from our bed.
Nothing like a bit of inventive re-cycling!

There will be a bit of a break in the diary as I am off to Nottingham for the New Writer's Book Fayre, won't be back until Monday.

see ya then!


12th October

The wind is cold today. Bright & sunny, but there's a draught coming from somewhere. Time to get the long fluffy socks out I think!

(they are bright coloured & I wear them when sitting at my desk. Cosy & comfy.)


11th October

Weekend at Battle Abbey for the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings Event.

Saturday morning: An early mist shrouded the little town of Battle, streamers of mist weaving in and out of the towers of the Abbey Gatehouse (right opposite my hotel window) Dawn was at about 7 ish?

Walking down to the field at about 10 a.m the mist had cleared and a bright, strong sun had come up. The air smelt of damp grass and earth & the smoke of campfires (from the living history encampment)
By afternoon is had become very hot - but suddenly turned cold at about 4.15 - then the mist returned.
Sunday was very similar, although the morning mist was not so heavy.

I could hear seagulls every so often, and there was a faint tang of the sea in the air. Battle is only 7 miles from Hastings, after all.


6th October

The leaves are now turning very autumnal. Last year they did not turn until well into November, at least we seem to be back as things should be this year.
So many garden spiders!

I'm starting to get the seasonal depression too - always start feeling low as the days get shorter and the nights longer. The hibernation syndrome. All I want to do is go to bed and stay there.


3rd October

The swish of tyres as a car goes past the house.
Hurrying footsteps as a lady in high-heeled shoes tit-ups past: clatter, clatter
The hiss of the rain as it spatters on the drooping leaves of the Wisteria, trees and plants.
The gentle plop of raindrops riplling into the pond
The wind agitating through the trees
A whoosh as it bursts in a sudden gust and the rain beats a  brief, staccato drum beat on my window, as if tapping its fingers and asking to be let in.
Water gurgling away down the drain

No chatter or squabble of birds. No roar of planes overhead.

Everything is in hiding from the wet?


2nd October

Are there more spiders around than usual? I seem to walk into webs wherever I go.
Not a good thing, I'm not too keen on spiders.

The birds seem to have vanished. Where has my flock of sparrows gone?The morning was bright, but the wind is cold.
 2.30 p.m. and it is starting to cloud over.
My daughter is now rugging up her horses during the day as well as at night.


1st October

Pouring with rain.


30th September

Last day of the month.  Autumn is here. Today I made chutney from the tomato glut we had. No idea how it will taste. I'll let you know.
Did you know -   tomato, chocolate and avocado are old pre-Spanish conquest words from Mexico?


September 29th is...

Michaelmas Day, the feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (the Archangels); for Anglicans it is the feast of Saint Michael and All Angels. This Christian Feast, like so many others, is derived from the Pagan Autumnal Equinox feasts. It is one of the "four quarter days" signalling the beginning of each quarter of the year and welcoming each of the four seasons.
The entire Autumn season is known traditionally as Michaelmas. Michaelmas fairs were a focal gathering for farmers and merchants. As early as 1014, the laws of Aethelred in England prescribe for a three day fast for all Christians before the feast. Servants were not allowed to work during these days. Michaelmas was when rents were due, and often paid in food.
The traditional Michaelmas fare was goose,it was said that eating something rich like goose at this turning point of the year brings good luck.
Michaelmas signals the beginning of the hunting season for deer and other large game.
This is the time of the year when the god’s power weakens toward his death as the goddess reaches her full maturity as the Crone. It is considered the end of the harvest and a time of gathering for the  forthcoming winter.

St Michael was also the patron saint of the sea and sailors..
Michaelmas celebrates the time when Archangel Michael hurled Lucifer from heaven. Lucifer fell into a blackberry bush, so  no more eating blackberries after this date!
For horse owners, "Blackberry Season" is always a time of year when horses can start to look a bit thin and ragged - you can tell  a good horse owner if his or her horses look well at Michaelmas.
Bright Blessings


27th Sept

Noon. Everything eerily still. No movement at all. Not even the birds are flying about.


26th September

The day started bright, turned to rain by lunchtime. Quite cold this evening as well.

25th September

In 1066 Harold Godewinson, the last Anglo Saxon English King of England fought, and won, at Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire against the invading "Vikings" Harald Hardrada and his own brother, Tostig.
While in the North, Harold learnt that Duke William of Normandy had landed on the south coast near Pevensey Bay.

My family and I, here in 2010, were near Cambridge at an Agriculture Show. The day was bright, but a very cold north wind was blowing in off the East Anglian Fens.
It clouded over very quickly at about 1.30 - but the rain held off, and the wind was strong enough to blow the grey clouds away.
There was a brief but beautiful sunset.

I assume the weather was dry back in 1066, for Harold had no trouble marching north in an impressive 3 days, and back again in the same time to London.
Had the weather been wet the roads would have become a quagmire & slowed them down.


Playing With The Moon - in honour of the Equinox

May you always have work for your hands to do.
May your pockets hold always a coin or two.
May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.
May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
May the hand of a friend always be near you.
And may your God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
Bright Blessings


The Autumn Equinox 23rd September

Quite heavy at times, but outside smells clean and fresh. I stood at my back door drinking an early morning cup of tea, just watching the rain fall on the garden.

When it stopped everything was dripping and I could hear the water trickling as it ran down the slight slope towards the greenhouse.
The cat came in looking like a drowned rat :-)
It isn't cold though (unlike the past few days)
 I'm sitting here in my office looking out the window at the pond; raindrops from the wisteria are making pretty patterns on the surface.
Raining heavily again now.

Today, daylight and nightdark are equal.
From tomorrow the nights will be longer than the days. It is also a full moon tonight
So Bright Blessings to all, and may peace and contentment walk with you along your chosen path


22nd September

(would have been my dad's birthday today - he died 18 years ago. Miss him a lot.)

Bright sunny day again today, a distinct chill though - cardigan needed. The laundry is not drying very well out on the washing line, even though there is a bit of a breeze.
The roses are in bloom again, geraniums still flowering. Picked the last of the runner beans. Blackberies not so prolific this year either.


Tuesday 21st September

Been a bit lax for two days - weather diary wise that is. SO busy over the weekend I didn't have time to write.
The weather has more or less been the same though. Sunny and dry, but with an autumn nip in the air. A fox got one of the wild pigeons yesterday, feathers everywhere in the garden.
Not much wind, all very still & calm - bright blue sky again. Everything turning to seeds and berries. Roses have lovely big red hips.


September 18th

So very still outside. No wind, the banks of white cloud don't appear to be moving. Not much blue sky today and there is a distinct Autumnal feel in the air. It was quite chilly last night.
My fish in the pond are all down the bottom, and the sparrows are lining up along the wisteria waiting for their lunch time seed! I have about 40 sparrows in my colony now.


September 2010

Bright, bright blue sky. I used to say "robin's egg" blue until I realised that the UK robin's egg is not bright blue  but a pale white - the US robin's egg is though.
I'm looking out my office window, it's 10.20 a.m. (that's what my wall clock says, the computer never seems to agree - it's like living in a time warp!)
There are little white wispy clouds scudding across the expanse of blue - moving quickly from left to right (north to south)
I have rainbows and patches of rainbow spots dancing across my ceiling, like excited fairies - reflections from the crystals that hang in the window or rest on the windowsill.
Light and dark is moving around the inside of the window because the wind is blustering through the wisteria leaves that ramble along their wires from the fence to the wall. The tree is moving about quite a bit too (what tree is it? I must find out - it could be a large shrub not a tree? A good 12 foot high, has small clusters of white flowers - hmm when does it have the flowers? I can't remember)
LOl there is a wisteria shoot flailing about it has nothing to cling on to so it looks like it is some weird skinny monster seeking its prey.
I can hear the traffic from the main North Circular Road (A406) about half a mile away - its to the north, so the wind is carrying the sound.
Other sounds? The sparrow cheeping & squabbling around the bird table. No planes going over this morning. Wonder why? Different direction for them to take off from Stansted I suppose?
There's a lot of shadow moving outside too - but the wind isn't strong enough to play with my wind chimes, they are quite still.
There wasn't enough sun yesterday to keep my solar lights lit for long last night. Must go and move the solar panel thingy box. The lights are blue & I love how they reflect in the pond at night.


September 2010


Bright blue sky with tufts of white cloud. By noon the sky was a slate grey and rain was pouring down - but within a few minutes the rain swept away and the sun shone as if there was going to be no tomoorow.
The grass, trees, branches, everything sparkled like fairies had been around scattering diamonds everywhere.
And in the sky the most brilliant arc of a rainbow, every colour as vibrant as if an artist had painted it there.
This evening, dark by 7.45 and very damp and chilly. Not cold enough for the heating, but cardi & thick socks needed.

The trees are starting to turn yellow. Autumn is coming early this year.

The hedges are weighted down with blackberries. Roses have bright red hips. The oak trees are dropping their acorns already. I picked a perfect ne up - bright, fresh green a couple of days ago, now its acorn brown.
It's in my treasure tray on my desk.